Composition and team development

A strategic approach to the design and development of teams is based on an assessment of the potential for the effective collective performance of the (envisaged) members of the team.

The evaluation of the potential for effective functioning takes into account information on the psychological profiles of individuals, while measuring and predicting their interaction and complementarity provides an in-depth understanding of their group dynamics.

Information on interactions between individuals serves as a basis for composing teams, as well as steering and improving the effectiveness of existing teams with appropriate interventions that are consistent with team culture.

Assessment of the mutual matching of members is based on personality traits, interests and career values, as well as on the basis of individual strategies for coping with stress and ways of acting in conflict situations. Based on this information we conclude complementarity of individuals, the potential deficiencies at the team level and the increased conflicts between the individual team members.

Functionality is expected to be available in September 2019.

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