Guide your employees to fulfilling their professional potential

Total Assessment expert system provides a bridge from identifying to maximizing professional potential of your employees.


Use reliable scientific tools to place the best talent in right positions, ensure maximization of your employees’ professional and leadership talents and prevent individuals’ weaknesses from undermining their business performance.


Digitalization of the client's competency model, configuration of company-specific psychometric profiles, compatibility with external assessment and development tools, in line with company’s usual practices and culture.


Digitalization of the 360-degree method provides easy, fast, confident and reliable feedback required to assess the current competencies and monitor employee development. Easy handling of authorization to access sensitive information.


Nurture employee engagement, sense of self-realization and satisfaction to ensure retention of key personnel. Strategic planing of future personnel structure.


The expert system helps decision makers and experts in making sound decisions concerning promotions, reassignments and long-term planning of human resources.

Systematic psychometric assessment of employees provides reliable and precise information about their (untapped) talents and (undiscovered) weaknesses which could crucially influence their (potential) business performance at their current or other work post in case of promotion or horizontal reallocation..

Assessment battery includes a selection of cognitive ability tests, personality questionnaire (HEDONCA; Big 5+2), a professional interests questionnaire (Holland) and a work values questionnaire (Occupational Reinforcer Patterns).

Clients can choose additional assessment of key potentials with specialized instruments:

  • Stress coping strategies questionnaire based on the COPE theory (Lazarus, Folkman);
  • Conflict management and resolution styles questionnaire based on the Conflict management Theory (Rahim);
  • Leadership styles (TTL) questionnaire based on the multifactor leadership model (Bass and Avolio).

Assessments need to be performed in supervised environment which ensures maximum reliability and security of collected data. Our team of psychometric and IT experts is fully available to clients for continuous support. More information about types of assessment procedures is available at International test commission.

Narrative reports about assessment scores are available in MS Word format which allows modification of automatically generated contents or integration of original contents by authorized personnel. . Na voljo so:

  • The“Potential for development and assessed current level of competencies” report and specialized reports (Potential for teamwork, Sales potential, Potential for learning and development, Leadership potential etc.) suitable for use by all HR experts and decision-makers;
  • The“Report on professional profile” and specialized reports (Leadership styles, Resilience and strategies for coping with stress) intended for HR experts with expert background in psychology.

Numerical reports are available in the MS Excel format.

Apart form assessment of potential for long-term business performance of an employee at a particular work post, system also provides the framework for periodical assessment of individual’s overall business performance which consists of evaluation of realization of set business goals as well as evaluation of his/her current level of professional skills and behaviors (professional competencies).

TA7 competency model

Periodical assessment of overall business performance includes evaluation of employee’s current level of understanding and command of professional (expert and behavioral) competencies related to his/her work post.

Evaluation of employee’s current understanding and command of professional competencies and assessment of his/her potential for business performance together provide objective and comprehensive foundation for systematical implementation of individualized strategy for development of employee’s professional potentials.

In order to assess potentials and monitor development of behavioral competencies of its employees, client can employ the built-in TA7 competency model or company’s own competency model which can be integrated into the system by the Total Assessment expert team.

TA 360-degree feedback method

Systematical multi-rater evaluation of employees’ overall business performance and level of command of professional competencies is provided with the TA360 functionality.

The functionality enables easy and fast periodical multi-source feedback from sources within and outside of the company (departments, teams, superiors, staff, internal customers, internal providers, external clients, external providers, partners etc.; functionality is fully configurable to client’s requirements).

Assessment of potential for development of professional competencies provides reliable and actionable information relevant for strategic planning of personnel development while taking into account anticipated trends and company’s needs in the field of human resources.

Assessment of potential for development of professional competencies is based on comparison of:
 a. individual’s psychometric profile and
 b. psychometric profile of each individual professional competency.

Psychometric profiles of individual professional competencies are configurable and can be adjusted to clients’ requirements.

Psychometric profile of a work post consists of targeted values in all key dimensions of psychometric assessment. It serves as a reference for comparison of individuals’ personal profiles in order to determine their long-term potential for desired business performance at a particular work post.

In the initial phase of the system use, work post psychometric profiles can be defined either by instructions and requirements provided by client’s HR experts, or by using statistical psychometric profiles from the localized version of the O*NET online data base.

Systematical use of the system provides the possibility of creation of company-specific psychometric work post profiles by analysis of employee business performance and psychometric employing machine-learning technologies.

Psychometric profile of a particular professional competency defines the influence of an individual’s psychological profile on his/her long-term potential for development of this particular competency.

In the initial phase of the system use, competency psychometric profiles can be defined either by instructions and requirements provided by client’s HR experts, or by an expert analysis of client’s competency model (see: Competency model digitalization)in combination with statistical psychometric profiles provided via the localized version of the O*NET Online database.

Systematical use of the system provides the possibility of creation of company-specific psychometric competency profiles by analysis of employee business performance data and psychometric profiles with machine-learning technologies.

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